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The Sound Service first began back in the 1960's as Tauranga Sound Services, serving the whole Bay Of Plenty with sound and disco's.
Now of course it's all located here in Wanganui, since this is where I decided to 'retire.'
Retire? Yeah right! Once people find out the things you know about, retirement just means you have more time to do what they want. And some of your own things if you're lucky. So much for that idea.

After being asked to help with, and provide gear for several Disco's and Karaoke's, or to fix peoples gear, Wanganui Sound was set up to cater for the need. All equipment from Tauranga was relocated here to our workshops and office in Castlecliff, the Seaside Suburb of Wanganui.
(Some say it's a run down area, but actually it's they who are running it down by saying this. I can think of many many far worse places.)

While we can provide Disco and Karaoke gear (with or without operator) and stage or band gear such as mixers, amps, mikes, stands etc. our main job these days is providing sound for outdoor events, using our drive in ready to go loudspeaker vehicle, plus portable speakers on stands for a more extensive system. All our outdoor systems are battery operated, so usually no cables, wiring or power are needed, however we can supply generators where power is required.

We are also always interested in any unused sound gear, working or not, but it must be complete. Our Techs can fix most anything.

Wanganui Sound is a division of Computronics Ltd. (NZ)