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Apologies. This page is still under construction. Conditions may vary.

Prices will vary according to circumstances, like the equipment used, the location, whether we need to set it up, who is hiring, etc.

Non-Commercial and Charitable Organisations. Some worthy groups will be expenses only, others may be half normal price. If your non-profit organisation has need of a sound system, but has little or no funds, come see us for a chat and we may be able to sort something out. In every case however, there will be a minimum fee of $25 to help defray costs and expenses. If you are inside the Wanganui city boundary, this may be the only cost. Outside the city area, travel expenses will need to be met. And a sandwich and cuppa where appropriate.
We can also provide several simple 'pickup and setup yourself' systems. See Mini PA' below.

AMENDED Jan 2017. The minimum fee is waived. That or a small donation to cover costs would be appreciated.

Our mobile "drive in and park" system starts at $30 per hour, or $25 per hour if more than 4 hours. Mileage is extra.
For use as a "drive around broadcaster" it's $40 per hour plus mileage. You may need to get a council permit.
Satellite units (extra speakers on stands) radio linked to the main unit are $25 per half day each.

Bass Guitar. Epiphone 4 string. $25 for 24 hours. Guitar only with lead. No strap, case or spare strings.
Amplifier. Guitar. 10 watt Ibanez amplifier. $20 for 24 hours. Power cord.
Amplifier. Mini PA system, 7" plus tweeter, 15 watt. 1 input. $20 for 24 hours.
Amplifier. 2 mono channels, 10 watts each, individually controlled. No tone controls. $15 for 24 hours.
Microphone. Corded. 2.2m cord, 6.3mm phone plug. (6 available) $5 each for 24 hours.
Microphone. Wireless. UHF receiver unit with two microphones. $20 for 24 hours.
Stand. Microphone. Folding. With arm. $5 each for 24 hrs.
Stand. Speaker. Folding. (6 available) $5 each for 24 hours.
Mini PA System. 8 available. Battery operated, with wireless microphone, or corded if desired.
. Speaker stand included, but unit can be easily carried about. Inputs for mic, guitar, USB
. stick, cellphone, mixer etc. Versatile grunty little units. $25 each for 24 hours.


In all cases of hire, unless specifically stated otherwise, mileage and setup fees apply.

Unless otherwise arranged, a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the estimated cost is to be paid in advance, with the balance payable on completion of the job.


The person or organization hiring the equipment, will in all cases --
- Be responsible for obtaining any permits or permissions needed for the area or place where equipment is to be used.
- Be responsible for the return of hired equipment on time, in the same condition as when hired, other than fair wear and tear.
Where equipment is not returned on time, the hirer will be charged at the same hire rate until it is returned.
Where equipment is returned damaged, or is lost, stolen etc. the hirer will be responsible for all costs of repair or replacement, and/or any losses caused by such event.

For mobile broadcast's, due to restrictions on use of equipment by a person driving, you must provide an announcer. We drive, they talk.